• Is the fear of missing out all that eats at you?

  • LiQD gives you complete control of your collection.

    What's in. What's out. One click.

Save time finding your next game

You know how much time you spend researching all of the new releases and hotness?

LiQD's artificial intelligence does a lot of this legwork for you and will make recommendations based on your tastes, preferences, and the recommended games of your favorite reviewers. PLUS, you won't see suggestions for games you already own!

Save hundreds of dollars a year or more on purchases

Are you frustrated by static wish lists that grow out of control? WE CAN HELP!


LiQD will tell you when a game you want is available at the price YOU want to pay. Just add your next must-have to your Buy List with a max purchase price, and LiQD's intelligent marketplace will hunt for deals for you while you sleep. You'll be notified the instant a copy is available at or below your price. What's more, LiQD will calculate shipping costs BEFORE you commit to buy. Once you do, one click and it's yours.


When you purchase, you are only charged AFTER the game ships, and LiQD's reputation system keeps everyone honest. The automated transaction management system will get your new game to you before your next game night and automatically add it to your LiQD collection once it arrives.

In addition, LiQD calculates the market value of every game in your collection and will actively help you sell some of those unplayed former favorites to fund your next purchase.

Save weeks of work culling games from your collection

We know firsthand how time-consuming and frustrating it is to sell games out of our collections. With 3 simple steps, you can transform your collection.


LiQD makes it easy by identifying which games in your collection are in high demand and showing you what fellow gamers are willing to pay you for them.


Listing a game for sale is simple. All it takes is one click to offer it to the market, and LiQD will best-match your game with a buyer.


Shipping is easy with our pre-paid labels. Just print and ship. Put the proceeds towards your next purchase when the game is delivered.

Rinse and repeat and repeat...

Because LiQD makes it so easy to have complete control over everything in your collection, you will find that it will become part of your regular gaming life. Where once you dreaded the occasional culling, with LiQD you'll look forward to selling and buying new games on a frequent and continuous basis.


Being able to buy and sell games into and out of your collection with minimal time and effort finally makes implementing a 1-In, 1-Out policy, or a Zero-In, 25-Out policy, or a 5-In, 12-Out policy an actual reality. This is the cornerstone of achieving a lean and LiQD collection.

We've got your back

Trust is a big deal when spending money on the internet. None of us want to blindly send money to strangers. LiQD's got you covered.


The Buyer is charged ONLY AFTER the Seller ships the game. Sellers do NOT get paid until the buyer receives their game.


LiQD has a full reputation system to keep everyone honest.


LiQD has a dispute resolution process, just in case.


  • We think even buying or selling 1-off games in these platforms takes WAY too much time and effort. The manual back-and-forth and babysitting of selling just one game can take hours and sometimes days of effort and frustration.
  • LiQD's focus on helping you manage your entire collection is the key. Aside from the fact that with LiQD you can sell 10 or more games in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort it will take you to sell just 1 game in any of these other platforms, LiQD:
  • - Shows you current demand for every item in your collection.
  • - Fully integrates your collection with intelligent recommendations and your ongoing purchases and sales.
  • - Calculates the market value of your collection and suggested asking prices for every game in it.
  • - Enables you to list a game for sale right from your collection with one click.
  • - Shows you other sellers of the same game and their asking prices.
  • - Actively hunts for and markets your items to prospecive buyers while you sleep.
  • - Generates a prepaid shipping label for you to print and ship.
  • - Allows you to add a game to your Buy List with a max purchase price and actively looks for sellers willing to sell at YOUR price.
  • - Contacts you when great deals are available for games on your Buy List (at or below your max purchase price).
  • - Estimates shipping costs BEFORE you commit to buy from a seller.
  • - Charges you for your purchase only AFTER the seller ships your game and pays the seller only AFTER you receive it.
  • There’s a reason money was invented. Trading is a pain. It’s:
  • - Too time-consuming.
  • - Requires too much effort.
  • - Does not scale.
  • - Shrinks the market for the game you are looking to trade down to a handful of people.
  • - Frequently results in settling for a game you really don’t want.
  • - Does not help shrink your collection.

We’ve been there. We’ve tried both peer-to-peer trading and math trades. They’re fine if you want to spend days of your time to exchange one game for another, but not good tools to help manage your game collection.

  • Shipping is expensive. Period. To minimize shipping costs, we start with Commercial Shipping Rates.
  • As the LiQD community grows, deeper and deeper commercial volume discounts will kick in.
  • The larger the LiQD community gets, the cheaper shipping becomes for everyone in it.

Any questions? Email Tom, Al, and Martin at support@liqdbg.com